July 2018
Leonard Cheshire service at Randall Close

This is a follow up to your kind grant of £10,000, to purchase a new Biodex unweighing support system.

It is a simple cost effective piece of rehabilitation equipment which is designed to reduce an individual’s weight during rehabilitative exercise and therapy.
The Biodex has now been installed at our facility at Randall Close, Battersea, London.


Randall Close currently supports 35 people per day with a range of physical disabilities, some of which include: cerebral palsy, motor neurone disease and stroke related brain damage.
The centre is open Monday-Friday from 9am -5pm.

Case Study 


Marvin has Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheelchair. When the previous Biodex broke, over two months Marvin’s walking skills and confidence deteriorated. Unable to practice his walking, caused him increased frustration and distress. Marvin regularly asked for updates on the progress of the new Biodex.


On the arrival of the new machine Marvin was the first to have a session. Several sessions in Marvin is now looking forward to playing football again. We are developing a partnership with Fulham Football club who will send a coach to work with service users.


Our sincere thanks for funding the provision of such a vital piece of equipment. 

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