Theodora Children's Charity update

April 17, 2019

We recently received a note of thanks from Theodora Children’s Charity, who we awarded a grant to in February of this year. Within this update they explained how the provided funding will be used towards enhancing the lives of children in hospital.

Theodora Children’s Charity emphasised the great fear that a child faces whilst in hospital. This can be attributed to the lack of understanding on their condition and the accompanying tests, as well as the social implications from being away from family and friends.


The primary offering of the charity is the ‘Giggle Doctor’ service. The Hospital Saturday Fund’s donation will go towards the support of this programme at St Mary’s Hospital and University Hospital Lewisham, and will provide Giggle Doctor moments to 200 sick and disabled children. The role of the provided Giggle Doctors is to provide magical moments to children facing huge challenges with their health within hospitals, hospices and specialist care centres across England.


“Pippa first met the Giggle Doctors when she had just been diagnosed with Burkitts Leukaemia. I can’t tell you how much she has enjoyed their visits. It’s made a big difference to her time in hospital. Every single Giggle Doctor without fail has made her laugh and lifted her spirits 100%. No matter how rubbish she is feeling, she immediately perks up when she sees them. It’s just amazing, the impact that they have on her even if she’s feeling rubbish, she totally changes. It gives her a buzz. I get in tears of laughter from it. I think they are brilliant too. I could sit for hours with them”. A Parent


The impact on sick children as a result of the efforts of Theodora Children’s Charity is undeniably positive. With the organisation missions consisting of reducing stress and anxiety, increasing opportunities for play in the healthcare environment and improving wellbeing, it is a cause that The Hospital Saturday Fund is proud to have been able to support.



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